My Audio Devices are Haunted by a Mexican Radio Station

While blissfully browsing the web and listening to my music, I noticed it sounded a little crackly coming from the speakers configured to my desk. Since I have my computer hooked up to my HDTV as well as my default monitor, I use an audio splitter to have the audio available from both the speaker systems configured to my desk and entertainment center.

"Perhaps it’s the audio splitter," I thought to myself, moving around to the back of the tower. I wiggled the cord a little, then unplugged it. Suddenly, quiet, muffled and distorted Mexican music started playing from the speakers configured to the computer. At first, it sounded like a demonic voice trying to clear it’s throat.¬†"How…?"

It wasn’t possible. The surround sound system I had hooked up to the computer was now disconnected and it’s not even radio enabled. There’s no way any sound could be coming out of it. Confused, I removed the cord leading to the TV configuration from the disconnected audio splitter to find that the music stopped. Discovering this, I learned that it was the Yamaha AVC-50 I use to power my giant Bose speakers that was the culprit, but it wasn’t radio enabled either. What’s more; the music was being transmitted through an input¬†connector, and only that specific one. The unit wasn’t even on, yet somehow it was receiving a radio signal, transmitting it through an input connector and running it all the way through the audio splitter and into the surround sound system.

This scared the shit out of me. I literally thought some kind of ghost was communicating to me through horrible Mexican music. I still don’t know how this happened, but I reconfigured the layout and worked around the creepy Mexican station.

To think; this whole time I was unknowingly¬†listening to a horrible Mexican radio station. Dear god…

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